20180520 autum leavesHow to face the climate emergency, and keep moving in a positive direction while our natural systems are in chaos.

One persons response - sing together, connect with nature, connect with each other.

Meet in your location, gathering singers, muscians, drummers, and the sounds of nature, and make improvised, unrecorded experiences that are for the group to cherish.

I envision seeing whole neighbourhoods and camps of people spontaneously singing and dancing together of their pure joy of experiencing all sensations of life, both during and between working together on useful tasks. Not because they are singing from habit, custom, obligation, or recreation, but because they are so connected to the wonder of experiencing life while serving life. I envision people feeling grateful they suddenly found there is time in their lives to sing, dance and connect with nature and each other. I envision this connection also supporting ways of production, sharing, consumption, and caring, that mean people are able to live happily with fewer resources and less certainty.

-  Jem Bendell 

On hope

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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